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We are software development team who create the application software called "REVONES" as a new innovation of Font-End and Back-End application software to support Fitness/Gym/Yoga Club , Aesthetic/Beauty Clinic, Special Clinic, Spa/Massage, Slimming Center, Retail Business. With our research and development experiences on the above business areas made us to be one of the team who can provide the best solutions to our customers base on the best return of investment (ROI) with fantastic solutions to achieve our customer's business objective as well. Our main objective is to enhance the business process for our customers with the automated system based to eliminate the manual works with human errors as much as possible and increase the integrity of business information across the organization in the same time.

What we do

We develop and customize revones system to fit with customer's business process including to interace with customer's existing infrastructure.

What we achieve

All of our team always keep im mind that the business achievement of our customers though our system is our key achievement as well.

At the end

We will beside to support our customers and always come up with the new innovations from our research and development team.


REVONES Point of Sales & Services (POS&S)


Fitness/Gym/Yoga Club

Revones System have the Membership Management, CRM, POS functions which is ready to operate your club perfectly. With our comprehensive experiences in these field made Revones System to be No.1 of the application software to support your club.


Aesthetic/Beauty Clinic

Revones System have the powerful Electronic Medical Record to support the operation of Aesthetic/Beauty Clinic. So, the transactions inside Aesthetic/Beauty Clinic both sales and services transaction will be handled by Revones System smoothly.


Special Clinic

Revones System have the customizable capabilities to support the Special Clinic based on the Electronic Medical Record plus the CRM function made the Revones System to be one of the best system to handled special clinics such as dental clinic, eye clinic, chiropractic clinic etc.


Slimming Center

Revones System have the various functions to support sales and services transactions in the slimming center including with the treatment/package management module to allow the authorized staffs to manage the package easily and flexible for operation, sales and marketing team as well.


Spa/Massage Center

Revones System have the a lot of incredible functions to handle the Spa and Massage such as the scheduling, booking or reservation modules including with POS system built-in made the Revones System to be one of the powerful system to handle SPA and Massage transaction perfectly.



Revones System is the comprehensive POS system which have a lot of major functions to support retail business with various web, mobile apps, windows based sales front-end and system can flow the transactions to the backend system such as inventory and financial system plus the e-commerce pluggable as well.

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